During Covid-19 my partner Seth and I quarantined for 2 weeks so we could go stay with my family in Upstate, NY for part of the summer. We were so lucky that we had the opportunity and felxibilty to do so. We ended up staying for a few weeks and spent a LOT of time with my little brother. 

Most of these photos are from our time at my families lake house on Lake Champlain, the NY side (not the VT side)! My Mom got the house when I was 16 so I haven’t had as much time here as my little brother has. He’s a natural in the water, a straight up fisherman and on this trip he learned how to snorkle!

Lake Champlain is a man-made clay based lake. So, typically it’s a bit muddled-looking when you get up close. But, it ends up being great for creating smooth texture on the water! 

All images ©2020 Bridget Shevlin  |  Washington D.C.