For our Birthday in 2017 Megan and I planned a trip to visit some of my old college friends from London. While there we decided to jump over to Ireland for a few days to see what it felt like to be in the country of our ancestors. It was less than 2 days of  tear-filled, hectic, magical, beautiful moments. For starters we got in very late and had managed to get a room at the top of a little bed and breakfast in Dublin. The next morning we were scheduled to wake up at 5am to catch a bus to the Cliffs of Moher at 6am. At 5:30am we were walking through Dublin to catch our bus, got onto one, asked the driver if we were on the right bus, he said no and pointed us in the right direction...or so we thought. We got on the second bus asked the driver if this was the right bus and he said yes! The bus filled up and we started off. Before our first stop our bus driver came through and took “attendance” by asking each passenger for their name. 

Our first stop was a political taxi tour of Belfast. Yep - you read that right, Belfast. I was stunned. How were we in Belfast? I thought maybe I’d read the itinerary wrong and that perhaps we would be looping back down to the cliffs. After we took the tour, Megan and I asked our bus driver again, if we were on the right bus. He admitted that no, we were not and that he hope we wouldn’t notice?!?!?! So after a few tears shed on the bus knowing we weren’t going to see the Cliffs of Moher we plucked ourselves up and got ready for a suprise journey through Northern Ireland. It ended up being remarkable. We landed first at the Carrick - a - rede rope bridge and then giants causeway. 

Then on our way back - the bus broke down. So our driver pulled over in the Irish countryside at a small pub overlooking rolling hills and the ocean. It was magical, right at sunset. The perfect day...? The perfect day, with my twinny.

All images ©2020 Bridget Shevlin  |  Washington D.C.